viernes, 16 de diciembre de 2016

The reveler.

This short story is dedicated to my friends who speak English. Many thanks to Beatriz from Cork for her corrections.

  Mary thought that her boyfriend will change when he was married. John always had been a friend of the best life pleasures. He spent a lot of money on clothes, good perfumes, expensive dinners and so on. 
  When they got married John was on the same way. The best bottles of wine for dinner, expensive clothes, and his wife didn’t agree with him. They had a lot of arguments frequently. One day she said to him that she was pregnant. Mary thought my husband will change when our baby will be born. But things not were like Mary expected. Her husband started to go out with his friends to have drinks at the pub and Mary stayed at home. He went every Friday and Saturday night to have good dinner with his wife, but whether his wife didn’t feel like very well he went out with their friends. He frequented expensive restaurants. Having the best bottles of wine and good whiskeys. 
  When their son was born, John kept on doing the same behavior and making new friends with women. Mary passed a lot of days feeling alone and very sad. One day she decided that the situation was unbearable and she decided to separate from her husband. After a long argument, her husband said: “I’m fed up with you. But don’t worry if you want this maybe it be the best for us.
  John went to live with his new friend Andrew. He had discovered new sensations with him.

See you again.

Desde la ciudad de Cork Irlanda, Beatriz nos manda este relato con algún toque de humor sobre la reencarnación. Sin ánimo de ofender a n...